Products & Services

  • CMOS Image
    Sensor (CIS)
    CMOS Image Sensor (CIS)

    Tyrafos offers a leading high resolution Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor solution for 3D facial recognition.

  • IC Design
    IC Design Service

    Pixel Design
    Tyrafos Pixel Design Team offers customized pixel IP with specialized foundry technology for system chip integration.

    Tyrafos ASIC Design Team offers customized ASIC architecture and foundry turnkey solution. Furthermore, we do deliver silicon-proven chips to customers as well.

    ISP Algorithm
    Tyrafos Algorithm Team offers a series of Image signal process (ISP) algorithm with AI technology for CIS performance optimization. Also, the algorithm design service includes customized software architecture and FPGA verification.

  • OFPS Lens
    Type Design
    OFPS Lens Type Design

    Optical Lens Module Design
    Tyrafos Optical Design Team with over 20-year experience on mobile camera design, manufacturing and test could develop sophisticated optical lens combination solution with all kinds of CIS for specific features and applications such as Under-Display Optical Fingerprint Sensor (OFPS) Lens and Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera module system.

  • Micro-Optical
    Component Design
    Micro-Optical Component Design

    Tyrafos Professional Optical Component Design Team successfully adopts Photolithography / Nano-imprint Lithography (NIL) to develop Micro-Optical devices for large area fingerprint identification in mobile phone application.